How Contemporary Vocal Music Will Save the World

What is Contemporary Music these days? We can all agree that Jazz is not the only contemporary music out there. Contemporary Music is not widely regarded as a popular genre of music as opposed to Classical Music. Contemporary Music is, instead, an approach to music as opposed to any particular kind of music. Contemporary Music is best described as the music created with present-day trends of rhythm and harmonies. Unsurprisingly, this genre of music attracts plenty of versatile musicians who are happy to innovate and discover themselves away from the opera. Contemporary Music is not only a favorite among the musicians but also among the audience, where they connect to the emotions through the vocals. For a long time, it was believed that Classic Music is superior in class and elegance to the other kinds of music. But recently, these old-fashioned opinions have changed, and the music world no longer accepts the supremacy of classical music. With these changes in perception, Contemporary Vocal Music is unsurprisingly earning its place as an innovative medium that can transport the audience into musical neverland.


One could say that the declining popularity of Classical Music is the reason for this preference. And the statistics support the claim – the percentage of adults attending classical music declined from 12% to 8% during the span of five years from 2002 to 2008. However, it is essential to note that, be it Classical or Contemporary Music, talented artists will always be alive and thriving in the minds of the audience. Singers pursuing formal training and education in contemporary music are not common, which might be partially due to the comparatively less availability of specialized degree programs. One of the best ways to experience Contemporary Vocal Music is to experience it in your body; as such, it also offers a broad spectrum of possibilities to inspire participation from almost anyone. The wide popularity of Contemporary Music can be justified owing to the fact that nearly all musicians prefer to perform new music in recent years as opposed to in the past.

The small-scale popularity of Contemporary Music is appealing to many listeners who want to listen to something other than the mainstream music and trends everyone is into. Listeners might also like that contemporary music is a cross-pollination of the different genres spanning various times. One of the primary reasons for the increased popularity of contemporary music might be because of the unique ways it can connect the audience with the unique experiences of a musician. Contemporary Music is not just about the popularity of rhythms or harmonies but also about how the audience connects with the remarkable stories of the artists in terms of the cultural influences and social constructs. Contemporary Music undoubtedly takes listeners through a journey of self-discovery by listening to the stories and experiences that shape today’s world.

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